Magical Women

The world is crazy and full of evil. Evil that in many ways we can let control our day to day, especially as moms protecting little ones.

As a mom, our day to day is riddled with too high expectations placed on us by ourselves, but also by others. I am no exception, maybe one of the worst culprits of high standards.

But being a mom has taught me magic.

You get hurt, magic kisses heal.

You have a bad dream, mommas arms chase it away.

You’re hungry, she provides.

You’re sad, she wipes your eyes.

The dinosaurs are scary; she makes them do a dance.

The dragons breathe fire; she teaches you to ride them.

You can’t sleep (ever) and she is right beside you.

The world’s injustices can be undone by a mother’s love. A mother’s magic.

Too many kids face evil everyday. Life has attacked the parents and the kids taste the backfire.

magic womenAs a mom, as a woman, I can undo that evil, not just for my own kids. My arms contain magic far outside these walls we call home.

It’s a scary world and as women we hold a lot power. A lot of magic.

How wide and how deep we choose to spread it is up to us.

It doesn’t take a delivery room to become a mom, it doesn’t take foster papers, or adoption papers, it takes love.

It’s giving a child extra time, extra attention, extra arms, a space they can vent and be themselves.

Mothers Day has come and gone, but the need for moms has not. The need for strong, powerful, compassionate, magical women is more pressing than ever. Be that woman.

  • J

As Women Raising Daughters

I’m waiting in line to relieve my bladder before boarding begins.


I’m traveling sans kids and it’s weird. I have moments to ponder instead of wrestle copious amounts of snacks and diapers and keep little humans satisfied.


But I sit, err, stand in line watching two older women over themselves.


First concealer, powder, shadow, lean too close, mascara, 2, 3, 4 times, pucker, apply, blot, look closely, inspect themselves.


Fix whatever flaws they see, check again.


Completely transformed they’re ready for the world now.


Or at least a flight to Minneapolis at six am.


And I do a small internal cringe and ponder.


Do men lean in too close, pinch their cheeks, get them rosy, examine their faces for flaws to hide before coming to the world?


And why do we call these things, perceived flaws, imperfections. Normalities would be a better term- since imperfect is the only normal.


And is my unbrushed, unwashed hair approachable (like I tell myself) or out of control? And is my clean face full of flaws to be hidden, uncontrollable as well…


I guess that fits, uncontrollable and me…


12795281_10107890358574984_4661776348530110578_nI pray my bug sees her beauty, her perfections and normalities. She doesn’t need to paint her face to wake up, that she boldly faces the world straight up, straight on.


I pray she doesn’t lean in too close to change who she is, to feel MORE beautiful. Because my word is she breathtaking.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tutu’s and glitter, and girly things like make-up. I don’t wear it often, but I am all for it.


But I pray as women, as women raising daughters, we are comfortable enough in who we are, who God designed us to be, to face the world bare faced and free sometimes. And to know the beauty in that.


And to love our crazy unbrushed uncontrollable hair.

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Blank Faces

blank faces 2blank faces

I’m drawn to these images without faces. Beautiful women with their faces painted, embroidered, blotted out. I’ve been drawn to then for awhile, not noticing the pattern. Or what that means.blank faces 3

Art is my outlet. Emotional. Living. Moving. When I’m drawn to something there is a reason. Whether shallow or deep.

Women with no faces. Beautiful and tranquil. Yet not worth giving a face. An identity.

However, they aren’t just passed over. They are the main subject filling the entire frame. Endless time has been put into crafting and forming an identity, not yet identifiable.
Identifiable to whom is the question. Themselves or the viewer?

Is the facade to save their face, or are they still forming…waiting for a great reveal?

Or are they aware of their depth and beauty and simply protecting themselves from people who can not comprehend that kind of deepness, from those who do not understand the complexity some women carry in their soul? Yes, their faces are unconventional but yes, many many hours have been put into them.

And they are beautifully and wonderfully made.

And I resonate with them.

  • J