4 Missed Calls

I’m not really a people person in the broader sense of the phrase. Strangers catch me off guard and leave me somewhere between awkward shock and utter irritation. However, I’m slightly obsessed with my roots and my home people.

Yet, I think most friendships are expendable (I blame moving a lot and an abnormal soul connection with my sister.)

I also know God disagrees. People are not expendable, friendships, relationships, are not optional. People matter above everything else. And strangers, new friends, old friends, this is how we let Jesus out of us and into the world.

My awkwardness and irritations rise because I am focusing on my agenda, my day, my plans, my feelings, not His will.

He made us for communion and community, the Bible is clear on this. And blogging safely from my neon chair with my coffee is not enough.

I must live out what I believe,

“even if I stumble, even if I fall. Even if I lose my step and make fools of us all.” (DC Talk)

I must learn to be a people person, to be there repeatedly for people even when I want silence. I must sacrifice some of my time to give into God’s time.

He uses people, and ordinary moments. How many ordinary opportunities have I missed to spread love this week.

It’s Thursday and I have 4 missed calls.

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Blessings Accumulation

“ Every time we feel satisfied with what we have, we can be counted as rich, however little we may actually possess” Alain De Botton

I have a slight obsession these days with de cluttering, organizing, reorganizing, decorating, redecorating, donating, simplifying…

Some would call it nesting, but there’s no denying I also do this when I’m not pregnant and grasping for more order, more control in my life. Surely moving the sofa across the room and adding a bookshelf with some baskets will bring internal peace, right?!

I guess in many ways this correlation between rearranging my home and control is a good thing because turning to controlling my eating is second nature.

I like order. I also enjoy controlled chaos. I like it woven together to my liking in bold color chunks, well designed for optimal use.

blessing accumulation1I’m supremely good at cleaning out cupboards, boxes, shelves, closets…I place very little emotional value on objects. And I am a highly emotional person. Which is why I love that quote by Alain de Botton.

I can easily de clutter my living space because the real, the hard, work is done internally. I have deep meaningful relationships with numerous people that fill me up. I have a deep rooted faith that reassures me in quiet confidence that my battles, my daily struggles, my lack of control, are already pre-determined and won (even if the war is ugly).

I don’t need trinkets (and yes I do have a few I adore) because no visual reminders are necessary when I have flesh and blood companions to carry on life with. And so, daily I try to remind myself just how rich, just how blessed I truly am.

When life gets crazy I will continue to simplify (so if you visit and it appears I’ve gone minimalist you’ll know its been a stressful season). I will purge externally because internally I am so fully aware of the growing accumulation of blessings I have somehow been deemed worthy of.