“ the hardest things in life give you the most God” Jennie Allen


My life isn’t that hard or extraordinary. It’s actually pretty simple and dare I say (normal.)


I’ve started praying for anything.


Lord, I give you everything; do anything you want.


And somehow I sincerely and hesitantly mean it. Some small answers have been given. Mostly waits and not yets and keep going and keep mothering.


These answers are hard for my mermaid soul, I long to go deeper. Waiting and mothering often don’t feel awe-inspiring or like big, Godly work.


I’m learning Godly work is most often small though. It’s not the numbers reached or biggest impact; God uses small people in ordinary moments.


He says give your lunch, your knapsack of pretzels and pb & j and apple, and HE will make it worthy. He doesn’t say make a banquet feast and display it aesthetically on instagram and watch how many people He touches with it.


R.L. Stedman

Give your meal and he will feed 5,000.


It’s small steps, it’s a willingness to answer those small nudges.


So today, I’m finally making the cookies, for the neighbors. Not because I want to. I find conversations with them borderline painful. The nudge won’t leave though, and it’s a kind one.


And I said I would do anything.




Another Thursday

At the right time, I the Lord, will make it happen. Isaiah 60:22


For all my rushing, I change very little. For all my speeding around, the same cars surround me. And my running up the stairs and out of the house and the cyclone of dust forming…it brings no glory to God.


He has a plan, a will, everyday is from him. The ones with too much laundry and dishes and irrational meltdowns (both mother and child) – these days are from Him.


How would the world, my world, change if I could keep this perspective past sunrise?!


Longer than one meltdown. If I could remember every moment is a choice, to choose God’s way or Satan’s.
It’s based on my reaction, and if I keep perspective that these hard moments are opportunities to praise Him, our home could get a whole lot brighter.


thursdayI often get stuck in a rut of Thursdays, waiting for Friday, for the climax, for God to reveal His big plan, big ministry. When will I get it’s the season of littles?


Thursday is as good a day as any to spread a little love, react a little less aggressively, have a little more fun…


Talitha Kuom- little girl wake up!


This is it. This, today, Thursday of nothing filled with tiny everythings.


This is your calling.


Maybe one day there will be more, but it doesn’t get holier than loving children. It doesn’t get holier than pouring your soul out for your family, than being your husband’s biggest supporter. That is holy work.


This mundane difficult Thursday is my Holy life, and His holy timing, and my rushing about wont change any of it.

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