In the Boring Stuff

“Motherhood is the hardest assignment I’ve ever been given and the most extraordinary life that exists.” Brooke McGothlin


extraordinary: very unusable or remarkable


exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, incredible, unbelievable…


This journey I am on.


I find it highly interesting that the word best used to describe my life (motherhood) is extraordinary.


Extra + ordinary.


And so many of my days are so incredibly extra (super) ordinary, and mundane and repetitive.


So ordinary that if you blink you miss the magic, and another same day with the same shows has repeated itself.


It’s a work, a discipline in training the mind to see the magic. To see Christ in the dishes. To see the holy work in the laundry, and the kisses, and the spilled messes.


If you blink too long, you miss the EXTRAordinary parts –


The extra cuddles after long naps or crankies,


The extra help cleaning up,


The extra minutes of water play,


The extra I love yous, followed with extra puppy kisses.,


The extra warmth in your bed, only noticed by its absence,


The extra nudge to slow down and look down and notice the ordinary in a new lens,


The extra nudge to notice the flutterby (butterfly) on the flowers,


And the extra cake and snacks,


And syrup forever being associated with chubby baby Nici hands.


These are the moments of an extraordinary life. They aren’t flashy and well groomed and held in high esteem by society. They are what make a life worth living though.


And they are what make memories, the big things come and go; we are left with the day to day. The days make a life.

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Never Back, Always Forward

from the First5 devotional (highly recommend)

God is always looking to move us forward in our relationship with Him, in our work for Him, in His work in us…

…never back

…never stagnant

…always onward.


This means that He lays out the perfect journey of valleys and mountains for each of us to continue our journey towards a deeper relationship with Him.

He makes sure that the mountains come when we need them – allowing us to feel His presence so deeply and almost tangibly.  Rejuvenating our spirit and devotion for the valleys that lay ahead.

But the valleys are just as perfectly placed – there to help us grow in our faith, push our strength beyond what we knew we had, and build the muscles that we will need to reach the peak of each mountain.

Honestly, the valleys and the mountains speak to and fuel my spirit pretty equally.  It is the in-between that can be the hardest for me – that time when everything is really just fine – you know, the mundane of the everyday.

It is in these times that I can take all that He does and has done for me for granted.  It is at these times, when I get too caught up in myself and my life…focusing on the “my” of it all instead of reveling in the wonderment of the world He has created around me, the blessings that overflow my life in so many ways on a daily basis that I take them for granted, and can lose focus on the very important work He has called me to of helping to care for His shape.

Really, I’m just a sheep trying to keep my eyes on my Shepherd to guide me through this crazy place until I can reach home with Him.


Another Thursday

At the right time, I the Lord, will make it happen. Isaiah 60:22


For all my rushing, I change very little. For all my speeding around, the same cars surround me. And my running up the stairs and out of the house and the cyclone of dust forming…it brings no glory to God.


He has a plan, a will, everyday is from him. The ones with too much laundry and dishes and irrational meltdowns (both mother and child) – these days are from Him.


How would the world, my world, change if I could keep this perspective past sunrise?!


Longer than one meltdown. If I could remember every moment is a choice, to choose God’s way or Satan’s.
It’s based on my reaction, and if I keep perspective that these hard moments are opportunities to praise Him, our home could get a whole lot brighter.


thursdayI often get stuck in a rut of Thursdays, waiting for Friday, for the climax, for God to reveal His big plan, big ministry. When will I get it’s the season of littles?


Thursday is as good a day as any to spread a little love, react a little less aggressively, have a little more fun…


Talitha Kuom- little girl wake up!


This is it. This, today, Thursday of nothing filled with tiny everythings.


This is your calling.


Maybe one day there will be more, but it doesn’t get holier than loving children. It doesn’t get holier than pouring your soul out for your family, than being your husband’s biggest supporter. That is holy work.


This mundane difficult Thursday is my Holy life, and His holy timing, and my rushing about wont change any of it.

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