I Choose Life

I’ve been a slacker…and by slacker I mean extremely stressed and overwhelmed in my quest to manage life’s changes in a daily existence in flux.  And in the process, I’ve all but dropped my time spent building my most important relationship the last few weeks.

So, this week, I am trying to intentionally carve out time for my relationship with my Creator. (Ultimately, that is what will give me the internal calming peace while my world continues to spin externally anyways.)bible

In doing this, I am going back to Psalms because it is an easy place for me to jump back in and reflect.  This morning as I was reading and reflecting (in my awesome journaling Bible), I couldn’t help but stop to think about what I saw as the main themes of Psalms.  I saw four: justice, salvation, praise God, and tell the world.

Today I am really struck by the importance of considering the first two together.

Justice will prevail ultimately, which means salvation for the children of God and hell for those who have not accepted His salvation.  There is no way around it; those are the only possiblities.

The importance and magnitude of salvation can only be understood with consideration of its alternative.

92a3bde1c710767da57e67be1e796363God offers the amazing gift of salvation.  It is ours for the taking, but there are consequences for not taking it.

If there was no hell, there would be no need for salvation.

Salvation is amazingly beautiful and intimate, which can be seen in the day to day relationship with our Savior.  But, its power is undeniable.

And so, in my days, God saves me thousands of times.  But a day is coming when His justice will prevail over all. It is in considering that moment that I realize the power of the gift God offers and the importance of my reaching out and accepting it.

Salvation is best understood through the contemplation of both God’s mercy AND His justice.  It is the pairing of the two that creates a bigger, fuller picture of the awesome, all knowing God we serve.

The awesome God who gives us the choice to choose salvation or not – but our refusal of this gift should be made with full understanding of the consequences.

As for me, I choose LIFE.  Today and everyday.

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