In Harshness and Discomfort

“This may seem unnecessarily harsh to you and me.  But God is never unnecessarily harsh…Our discomfort is not a reflection on the character of our loving and tender God.”  Whitney Capps in Disease Details from First 5 devotional

God is never unnecessarily harsh.  I’m not sure why this reverberated with me this morning, but it really did.

I think some of it was the “unnecessarily” part.  It’s big and powerful in this season of almost tangible discomfort.

It doesn’t say He won’t/can’t be harsh, but He is always only to the level that is necessary and no further.

I know from earthly experience that tough love is necessary for growth and learning (thanks mom and dad).  So, it only makes sense that my heavenly Father finds it even more necessary at times.

12140686_10108009578103094_4121437424497833696_nIf only I could learn things the first time or the easy way.  But, I’m guessing it is my stubbornness and interfering that often determines the level that is necessary.

So, in this period of uncomfortableness (that sometimes feels like unnecessary harshness), I’m trying to stay focused on the lessons that God is trying to teach me.  Why is this necessary?

While He has already shown me my need for a reminder of humility, I know there are more lessons to come.  I’m confident He will reveal this little by little as my impatient soul learns, yet again, to wait.