And Yet I Forget to Pray

I believe God deeply cares for me, and sacrificed His entire life, His entire comfortable position on the throne, His scar free skin for abused and beaten…just for me.


And I struggle daily; I struggle to really pray, to commit my plans, and my fears, and my joys to the Lord.


Yup, I get so tired and so busy I forget to even talk to the person who makes this life possible and continues to strengthen and bless me.


My priorities get seriously screwed up sometimes.


I allow myself to think its ok, I journal, and self reflect, and write this faith based blog…God knows where my heart is. As a mom, though, I can say, even if I know where my kids hearts are, I yearn to hear their voices, their stories, their emotions first hand!


And I forget to pray folks!


I believe God deeply cares for me, and is walking with me in this difficult time. This time of transition, of discomfort, and slow home making.


In all honesty, before we moved I was spending maybe 5 minutes a day in prayer. Since moving it is constant. I have had no choice but to communicate my irrational feelings to the one in control.


I have had no other option but to rely on His unlimited resources and overly abundant love to get me through some nights.


i-forget-to-prayAnd now that I’m calming down, wrapping my head around this home, this city, this baby growing inside me, I am earnestly reminding myself to cling to the rock that is higher than I. Not just when the waves toss, but in the sunshine too.


God, I believe, help me in my unbelief. Help me when my priorities are screwed up and my emotions run rampant. Help my only running be running into you.

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