A Mean Mac and Cheese

I just finished getting ready for the day, I water washed my face and put on relatively clean clothes.

In the background the tv is on and I start hearing, “my mom…my mom… my mom…”


And at first I smile, moms are super heros and that was the premise of the commercial, or so I thought.


As I kept listening not a single thing had anything to do with being a mom, and everything to do with a highly successful career. It was an ode to the working woman, not mother.


I started thinking about what it means to be a mom. My mom never missed a big event, be it a game a dance a competition a practice. Heck, my mom never missed an emotion. My mom is the reigning queen of “the jessi game” (a game where I lay in bed next to her and she tells me all the things she loves about me…others have played, she has always won, and no it’s not conceit. Its feeding a weary daughter’s soul, sometimes we all need to hear reasons we are treasured). My mom has the softest skin and best smelling sock drawer. My mom knows all my favorite everythings and indulges my funfetti fetish whenever she can. And these things matter too.


My mom can help me on a moments notice. She has no higher obligation than me and my siblings.


And I pray my accolades echo hers. We may not be an aerodynamic wizard, but we can make paper airplanes soar. We may not know squat about engineering, but we can run on 2 hours of sleep and coffee.We may not be a biologist, but we can find the worm hideouts like it’s nobody’s business. And we know the looks of distress with a shift of a foot, and how hugs heal and sometimes we need to throw a fit and have ice cream before dinner.


my-momI set my degree aside and chose this career, this unglorified path of mom. And GE got it wrong, it’s not the brains or the degree or the outside accomplishments that make women superheros. It’s the small moments and the consistent presence in the good and the distress.


Society says we can have it all, be it all. Pure logistics says that isn’t so. You cant be the best at everything, something has to give.


But I can change the world by being a mom. Stay at home moms get a bad rap. We are “blessed,” “we don’t know how lucky we are…”


I respectfully say that’s crap. We sacrifice, we made choices to make this life work. And its just as hard and just as rewarding and just as important as the 9-5 mom. And sometimes superheros don’t have time for showers and pant suits. Sometimes superheros just make a mean mac n cheese.



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