Getting Over Myself

In many ways society tells us how we feel matters most in life. Do what makes you happy. You deserve the very best. Indulge yourself.


get-over-yourselfI do believe in striving for a happy life, and eating red velvet cupcakes, any flavor cupcake, in extra sprinkles and life at the beach.


I’m also fully confident that how I feel isn’t really all that important and I certainly don’t deserve all the good lavishly afforded to me.


My God simply and desperately loves me, and wants good things for me. However sometimes that costs, and sometimes I’m told, “because I said so.”


And like my Nici not understanding why he can’t have ALL the dinosaurs or just suckers for dinner (and lunch and breakfast) I may question my Father’s logic.


Which is silly considering God isn’t logical, faith isn’t logical, love isn’t logical.


And contrary to societies beaming message that my feelings, my life is most important, being a mom is a crash course in fully internalizing this phalacy.


How I feel comes after my purpose, simply, desperately and extravagantly loving my babies.


And right now I’m praying for the courage to set down how “I feel.” To not gage my life on a moment’s happiness while in a difficult season.


I am lavishly loved and blessed, and need to get over myself.

– J


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