Forgiveness in a Save Yourself World

A lot can change in a moment. Entire lives come and go – and altered forever. Wars waged and won and lost in a moment.


Forgiveness is like that. Yet downplayed because it’s so ordinary, so everyday. We’re taught to say I’m sorry (at least I was, and my kids are). We grow up knowing how to respond when we’ve done the hurting.


You apologize, you say how sorry you are, you give back the toy, you think about your actions (so (hopefully) not to repeat the offense.)


Sincere heartfelt apologies are a moment that can change your world. The same goes for sincere forgiveness.


However, we aren’t really taught the steps to forgiveness. In our “save yourself” world, the line for compassion and stupidly opening yourself to the offender is blurred. (and obviously I’m not talking about abuse on any level)


forgivenessI must admit though, true forgiveness is a struggle for me. I must take care of myself, my family, my home. But moreso, I must foster an environment of peace, love, compassion, understanding…forgiveness.


This isn’t achieved by holding onto hurt, by keeping doors shut.


It’s achieved in one motion, “I look up,” for Christ is where my strength comes from. He is where peace and love and forgiveness stem.


He is the root of arms wide open, tables full. He is my God and role model. Its time to start opening my arms, my table, my heart.

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