Just Keep Moving

Just keep moving, moving.  Just keep moving, moving.

I keep having that circling in my head in Dory’s voice singing it to the Just Keep Swimming tune.

My professional life and spiritual life have a lot of overlaps right now.  I teach ancient history and we are currently looking at the early spread of Christianity and organization and formalizing of Christianity.  So, yesterday we spent some time talking about the role of the apostles in the spread of Christianity.

My students made some great points, but one that has really stuck with me is how their travels are intentional.  So, they didn’t expect people just to come to Christ through a natural expansion of things. They never stayed in the same spot.They were always moving from one place to the next to the next taking Christ’s message, teachings,and salvation through grace with them.

I was really reflecting after class about how that’s what we need to do.  We need to not just rest in the knowledge that God loves us and we Him.

f2371f38e73f9ab7141d7428f63f4fd4We need to move for Him.  Do for Him.  Respond for Him.  Act for Him.

I don’t think we are all called to physically get up and relocate our lives.  Rather are we making ripples (or even waves) for Him?  Are we intentionally taking Him out into the world?

We need to get our sandals dirtier.

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