Confession Time

“You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” – St. Augustine

Confession time: I have been really bad about taking time and setting it aside for time with God through devotional time spent in the Word this summer.  Really bad.  I have a thousand excuses about being busy and it being a time of transition for me.  Ultimately, though, I have no excuse.  I knew it should be a priority and yet I didn’t make it.  I cannot say I put God first if I am not making time to invest in my understanding, in our relationship.

I do this every once in awhile – get side tracked by the world, by life that foolishly seems so important.  And I feel it – all the way to my roots, to the depths of my soul.  Everything feels off.  I cannot shake a sluggish, emotionally raw and unsatisfied feeling.

This disappears when I line up my priorities correctly again with God coming first.  Everything seems to shift into better focus again.  The world feels a little less heavy for emotionally wired, anxiety prone girl.

d9ebdf55741fb9cc3fb0c556599457c0St. Augustine summed up the reason for this so succinctly.  It is because we were made for God.  We were made to commune with Him, to spend time in His presence.

And I am so blessed to have a Savior who wants me to spend time in His presence, delights in it even.

So, may my restless heart always serve as a reminder that my peace lies at His feet.



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