Oh So Good

We all say and know that God works in us and changes us, but sometimes it takes me by surprise.  This week I start a new job, which means I should be a nervous wreck. But I’m not.  I’m at peace.  I’m sure some butterflies will come crop up as it really approaches, but right now, the evening before?  Peace.  All encompassing peace.

b866b0e2def3ef046be2521adef9df7eGod is always good.  But He is changing me as He always will if we let him.  I know this, but when I can point to it in a specific way – it is incredibly humbling.

Now, don’t get me wrong – the struggle is real still.  Just this week, I spent 40 minutes sitting in my car after arriving somewhere, fighting my social anxiety to go inside.

But tonight, I have successfully surrendered to His peace and it feels oh so good.

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