“This specific word power in Acts 1:8 is translated in the Greek as dynamis, which means physical power, force, mighty ability, energy, miraculous works.” First Five, Leah DiPascal

Something about my house haunts me.

Yes, this big beautiful old house we just purchased. I find it haunting and daunting. Almost immediately upon entering alone (without other adults) I get a pit in my stomach and my throat feels fuller and I must force myself to carry on as normal and keep smiling and mothering.

I am the adult now; I don’t get to be spooked and I don’t know what my deal is quite frankly.

This spring I was in survival mode trying to cope with the heaviness of this house and this life. But life has been heavy for awhile and pregnancy hormones are no new thing around here.

So I’m left with one simple conclusion, the devil is prompting me through this old house. He gets under the massive quantity of wood work and grates at my soul in unseeable ways.

If left to my own strength, I would crumble and fall and spend every night at my parents, kids in tow. I did for the first month.

20131222-094900My God is awesomely powerful though. He made the mountains, and placed the stars, and controls the winds and seas. He is in control of armies and galaxies. And allows his Holy Spirit to be directly transferable to little me.

In Christ I am powerful; I am given physical strength, force, mighty ability, AND energy to accomplish any task set before me. Including make this house our home, if only for the time being.

And I can breathe in during the heaviness that is sure to come, my lungs aren’t collapsing and neither is this old house. I am in strength training, and sometimes that’s painful.

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