From each season emerges a new side of God… Sarah Hagerty

I do believe this to be true. However, like I do too often, I make it about me; how am I changing, how does this impact MY life. I forget this is about God, and that He is allowing me to know Him better.

What an honor, what a blessing, that I almost missed because it’s wrapped in struggle, in lack of control, in impatience.


I can’t yet figure out what God is revealing about himself, or our relationship. Perhaps it is intricately woven with how much of myself I am willing to let go, how uncomfortable I will get.


He allows suffering and discontent and confusion, but he promises great joy and an understanding of the tapestry (one day).


You do not realize what I am doing, but one day you will understand. –  John 13:7


God is in control. The creator of the universe that changes the wind, changes my season to force me closer to Him. Bends the tide so I must hold his hand, and it is gentle and sweet amidst my internal chaos.


Perhaps that’s the take away today: you can be in control and gentle…


After all the greek definition of gentleness is power under control, and if that doesn’t sum up my God I don’t know what does.

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