Christmas in July

They say discontentment is the opposite of a thankful heart. It’s the opposite of joy.

Its fists closed to the gift of the moment. I should be wiser than that.

We get to say yes; we get to choose joy. We have the power of a thankful heart.


And when I slow down, my life is brimming and my heart IS thankful. But as I sit here alone and quiet (for the first time in weeks), my soul yearns for me.

More love? How selfish am I?!

More peace? Is this not enough?!


So I stop writing and open the only source able to provide both, that has a prayer of loving me big enough, peace that will last long enough.


christmas in july1Perfect love born in December; yet it’s July. Christmas reflections in July…why not.


December isn’t the only secular season of “more.” It seems to last the whole year through and we wonder where the dissatisfaction comes from.

Unless we set down the stuff, purge for simplicity, go to the source of grace and love and peace, the stuff will just clutter and dust.

Lack luster love hidden among things.

christmas in july2There’s only one love and it was born in a manger. What would that look like if I focused my home on becoming a stable?


Only the necessities, so that there is room, there is time for more, for better, love.

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