Don’t Judge Me…Wait…???

Don’t judge me…it’s a common phrase. That makes zero sense!

Of course I’m going to judge you. When we say this, we usually mean form an opinion and of course I’m going to form an opinion about you based on your actions and beliefs! And you’re going to do the same about me!

We all judge each other, that’s human nature. And when our time has come God will search our souls and judge us as well.

Perhaps the phrase should be, don’t unfairly judge me or don’t judge me before you know me or don’t judge me from a distance…

But simply don’t judge me….that’s stupid.

To think you can act and believe and do whatever you want without being judged, that’s stupid too.

I will judge you, I will form opinions about you, I will either respect you or not based on your choices.

I’m allowed to think your actions are wrong, that doesn’t make me a bad, mean, or judgmental person.

You’re allowed to think my actions are wrong. That doesn’t make you a bad, mean, or judgmental person.

Slider_25_-_Motivational_Instagrams_And if we have a relationship and care about one another, by all means let’s call each other out! Let’s have a discussion! Let’s respectfully try and hold each other accountable, to lift one another up in love and holiness. Instead of turning a blind eye.

That’s life. And ye,s grace is extended and intentions matter. But so do actions and they have consequences.

It’s not complicated. Society has changed so that the primary of life is “be happy” or “make yourself happy.” And yes happiness is important, but it’s not the primary goal of life, at least not for believers.

And my faith doesn’t make me judgmental. Just like someone else’s lack of faith doesn’t make them. Being human makes us judgmental, and accountability makes us both better people.

I’m under no false illusions. I’m so screwed up and faulty, but I’m fully aware that I’m being judged daily based on my actions. So I simply try to make each action one I can stand behind.

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