Not Just Another Self-Help Book

A common theme in my life. Also, something I do not have. Kids teach you real quickly just how little you know and how little you can control. And marriage is a precursor.

There are flowers and lingerie and beautiful photos. Long hot coffee mornings with blankets and the news. Runs in the evening, cookie in hand. No major conflicts. Then you move, have a baby, realize you were never really communicating. And life is hard.

You think they’re these little humans, that smell good and coo and are calmed by tingalaya (an old raffi song). Then they get older. Just a little bit, and all hell breaks lose and they sit there asking for coffee and telling you, “don’t talk to me like that”…yes I’m talking about my two year old. (I don’t know where he’s heard that before!)

And you’re back to square one. Zero control and it’s right in your face.

“Our level of faith determines our response to God” Wendy Blight.

This sums up letting go of false illusions and explanations. When faith is strong, when open communication with God is present and running your life, you don’t need control. You have trust.

Mind you the answers are still fuzzy and they’re not lined up numerically in the back of the book. But there is a book.

I forget that a lot. Besides Sunday morning and an occasional verse jumping I don’t read a lot.

I don’t understand moms who have time for reading.

But there’s this book that has answers. All sorts, for the marriage and momma. And I own 4.

My Bible is well worn and marked yet I’m just beginning to realize it’s true value.

I think you have to acknowledge how little you know in order to really appreciate the best help book ever written.

You have to know that ever situation is either a chance to question God or glorify God and our response reflects our faith.

I consider my faith strong, yet my responses are lacking.

I’m a work in progress. Sorely wishing the answers were lined up numerically in the back.

But at least there’s a book!


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