Happy Birthday Dominic!

safe_image.phpSome how three years have come and gone. And my entire world has changed from the minute I found out my Nici Bear was coming.

He is the thunder and the rain and pushes me beyond. And he blooms and melts me. And the love just expands.

People tell you life is different when you become a mom. That’s the biggest downplay I’ve ever experienced.

13558753_10108463244946104_3161595361261887697_oLife is the same, repetitive and mundane and built of Tuesdays and repeat Batman… It’s I who have changed. The core of who I am is no longer me, but parts of them. And it’s a beautiful collaboration of chaos and stardust and Legos and cupcakes and heart donuts and fruit bites.

It’s fitting he was born on the Fourth of July, my firecracker boy.

The dramatic roller coaster he experiences daily over tv shows and spilled fruit bites and nerf guns and clothes mimics the emotional havoc I’ve experienced my entire life. He is a mini me and all I see is potential and joy. He teaches me to love myself, to see the good, despite the hard.

Being a mom is a burdensome blessing. It breaks you apart, sometime daily, but it builds you up twofold. It’s not a journey for the weak or proud or stubborn. It’s magical and tiresome and humbling. And I’m grateful to be broken in (sometimes hard) by my Nici Bear.13528083_10108458158170044_6317506522760983108_o There is no love like it.
And I pray he continues to take life fast and furious and to experience his emotions one hundred percent, not letting the world tone him down. To revel in the wonders of nature only seen at his pace, and marvel in the delight of ice cream secrets.

Happy Birthday Nici Bear!

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