They will fight you but they will fall. For I am with you and will take care of you. Jeremiah 1:19


They will fight.

Sometimes I forget who “they” is. It feels like Chis (a lot sometimes). Earlier this year it felt like other relatives, and somedays it feels like Nici Bear and Bug, with each snack, nap, show, activity.

And somedays it’s my mom or my sister, or my friends and questionable choices. Satan takes a lot of faces, he takes relationships because that’s where we’re most vulnerable. And he waits until we’re tired and feeling depleted; however, the verse (the promise) continues, “they will fall.”

They, Satan and his army and their many forms will not win this war.

enemiesMy flesh is weak and my mind even more so; they may take some battles. But my heart is firm and His promise prevails. So I may feel the battle scars and look worse for the wear and feel soul exhausted, but perspective is critical. I am at war with heavenly realms. This fight, this season is much bigger than my little life.


Satan is digging in though, so I must be some sort of threat, so I cling to a bigger truth,


“I am with you AND I will carry you”


It’s ok to be too shell shocked to walk or talk or continue, He will carry me because continue we must. Earth is a holy battlefield, exhaustion and setbacks are inevitable. However, we are not each others enemy.


It is part of Satans plan to make it feel that way at times, our soul purpose is to help one another, to share God’s love.


It’s our job to identify the enemy and pull of his many many masks.

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