Just a Battle of the Cosmos

Life is full of temptations. Some big, some small. Some life altering and some just plain stupid.

Yet I’m the slow one.

The bible is very clear about how to deal with temptations of all sizes.

Turn away.

It doesn’t say smile in it’s direction. Just take half.
Use socially acceptable logic to get what you want.

We are not of this world. Worldly logic holds no ground. And earthly temptations numb us to God’s best and God’s purpose

If we are not faithful in the small, He will not trust us in the large.

Lot’s wife is a perfect example. Yes, she followed Lot, yes she left Sodom. But she did not listen 100%.

And like my mom always said obedience is action, attitude, and timely.

Lot’s wife may have listened partially but she looked back after blatant instructions not to do so. She became salt. (Literally)

Orion Nebula (just one small picture of our cosmos) photo credit: Cesar Blanco Gonzalez

Our God is loving and merciful AND just. He is jealous for us and our complete obedience. We are in a battle of the cosmos. Good verses evil and what good is a fighter if not faithful?!

My life is full of simple mundane temptations, seemingly silly things that should be a big deal. However, if I choose those things knowing they don’t bring me closer to God or God’s will I am as useful as a pillar of salt.

Every thing large and small, every choice has two outcomes. Walking closer with God or farther.

How different my life would look if I weighed every decision against such a lofty reality.

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