Hiding and Fighting

You are my hiding place and my shield, I hope in your word. – Psalm 119:14

Hiding Place and Shield.  

I love how both words are used in this Psalm because there is a time for both.  They are very different and you need them each for different things.

Sometimes retreat is necessary.  Escape is essential.  Sometimes we just need a place for concealment in safety.  This is when you need the hiding place.

If you have a good hiding place, you don’t need a shield. You need a shield when you are fighting.  When you face the enemy head on, you better have a shield ready.

G10868269_753921678035449_4204623332969331978_nod is both.  He is our hiding place – the place we can always go to escape the unbearable heaviness, sadness, and overwhelming limitedness of this world.  However, after we’ve regrouped, He is also our shield against the attempts of the Enemy to work through the world  and powers of darkness to try to defeat us in the battles we fight for Christ daily.

He is there in the quiet of hiding and He is there in the roar of battle, by my side every time I need Him.  I don’t need to do it by myself – in fact, I can’t.



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