Happy Birthday Bug!

imageShe is everything good and pure and lovely. Simple sunshine in her warrior pose. Ready to warm you or burn you depending on her mood.

Ready to take on the world and your heart in just one years time.

But the first year is hard. Momma wears hard. Soul exhausting. And fulfilling hard.

And I know first hand it just gets better.

I don’t lament the passing of her newborn days. I am not saddened her first year is gone.

photo 2I was there. Fully present, fully partaking with her. The delights and tantrums I enveloped with her. We did not miss out. We have nothing to mourn.

She is as excited for new things as I am for her.

She bats her big brown eyes and gives away her love. Innocent and freely an offering. The kind lost with time but oh so hers for the taking and giving.

And walks up and passes out kisses. Round and round if you’ll allow.
Her favorite way to play is seated in my lap. If not climbing a wall for sugar.

photo 5She’s the rolliest wiggly worm you’ve ever seen in the night.

And she sprawls face first arms open in our untamed grass…like the beautiful Bug she is.

Just barely one and our wild woman at heart. There will be no taming, no harnessing her down.

Just simple prayers for guidance and patience as she learns how fast and how far she can fly. Simple prayers to hold onto her flight pattern and not lose track of the little girl she currently is.

photo 1She is pure sunshine and mine to soak in.

I am the blessed one. The momma of this delightful one.

Happy birthday Ainslee Kathleen Rose. My forever Bug.



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