Sometimes We Need to Be Told to STOP

I’m reading a book about Living a Hands Free Life (by Rachel Macy Stafford). It’s good.

But how do I implicate the ideals into MY life. Baby on both hips, one in the belly, cup of coffee in hand, two binkies in tow, don’t forget the silkies, or a snack, or my phone.

But-  live in the moment with hands free to grasp the remarkable. Relish the sweet.

Sometimes life is simply relish. Great on a hotdog at a picnic, but a nuisance the rest of the time.

Sometimes we need to complain. And be tired.

And sometimes we need to be told to stop. Just stop complaining. Just shut up and hold your babies- forget the rest.

Feel the wind on the cold days and smile for the crisp breath. Bask in the sunshine and shade on the sweltering and smell the sunscreen kissed skin.

Savor the sweet in the moments. Even the picnic relish moments.

There were nine steps listed for hands free living. I took one. Set the phone down photo(ironically I’m typing this on my phone. But both kids are asleep, one in my lap, so cut me a break).

But it’s true, my world is over saturated and I feel compelled to share every great moment. Maybe for you, probably more for me.

A moment isn’t less good if solely consumed by myself. If Facebook doesn’t tell me how “liked” it is, I get to decide for myself.

The crickets are chirping outside. And I love it. Lots of people do, that’s why a lot of money has been made on nature recordings. So we can decide when we want nature to interrupt and equalize our internal turmoil.

And then nature shows up unplugged and it’s a nuisance. We didn’t decide or initiate the album.

We are control freaks, it’s time to slow down. Set down. Enjoy the moments alone as they come. Forget about the rest. At least while they’re happening.

Teach my kids the beauty of the un-announced. And the joys of right now with them. Not right now with them shared with the world. Just them.

They are the world.

  • J

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