Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Have you ever loved someone and yet known your time together was up?

Life was pulling you apart and it was time to go another way?

12523879_10108019975451724_824804053015536692_nToday is officially my last day at work before moving from Kansas City, Kansas later today. I’m leaving a place and people I’ve grown to love.

I’m a Michigander, born in Denver, whose heart was stolen by the people and places of KCK.

From school to the mission, there are so many compassionate and passionate (two of my favorite characteristics) people working to make, not just this city, but the world a better place.

It is a city of diversity and opportunity.  It is a city growing and changing, yet warm and welcoming.

And I will miss working and living in it.

While I’ve created relationships that will last a life time, I will miss this place that so quickly became home…

A place I have felt seen, accepted, and loved (which is not easy to say for someone with social anxiety).

Well, Kansas City, you know I love you and all you are becoming.  Take care of the people I love, but it’s time for me to move on.  I’m sure we will see each other in passing and will remain friends.

You will always hold a place in my heart.

Love always,

A Woman who found Herself, Discovered her Strength, and Hit her Stride in your loving embrace.


One thought on “Breaking Up is Hard To Do

  1. Very few people deserve the title best friend. In the last two years, I have lost my best friend at Sumner.Today was so hard, I tried with all I could to keep my tears from Shauna Tharp but after I left her office with my goodbyes, I returned an hour later to see an empty office…with just her name plate and phone…I have being crying ever since….A wonderful co-teacher, strong woman of character and morals and will continue to be a best friend from afar.. I am better for knowing you…(Mr. Gunter)


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