Can You Hear Me Now?

by Jing Wei

We always ask ..

God can you hear me?  

God are you listening?

God I’m speaking.

God, I’m asking.

…but where are we?


How much time are we spending silent with Him in order to listen to His words upon our hearts – rather than spending all of our time with him speaking and asking.

I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying…Ps. 85:8a


I really don’t like silence.  I like to fill up the silence with music, noise, the quiet hum of voices on the tv that I’m not even listening to. (Okay, we psychoanalyze that all day.)  We need the silence, the intentional quiet, the stillness and space for God to enter.
This requires a very conscious effort for me.  Because even if I turn off all those other things, the voices in my head keep going.  So, I have to practice being still, practice listening.  Because if I’m not paying attention and consciously listening, I won’t hear the words God is speaking to my heart.

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