I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being a mom (shocking I know).


What a heavy blessing it is to hold entire worlds in your arms. Simply being me grants the power to calm every fear, wipe every tear, turn the dragons friendly, and give magic kisses.


If only for a few years, every nightmare is vanished in my arms. And, all too soon, reality will strike ,and magic revealed ,and trouble will loom larger than momma, but not yet.


I may be in the sleep deprived stage, the give it your all every day and expect no me time stage, the too full bed and step on hot wheels stage,


but I’m also in the midst of the magic.


magicI alone hold the power to make it a good or bad day for them. I’m the momma, its my burden and my blessing.


I hold no other special work title or abbreviations, just momma. This is my career, this is my life’s important work.


And it’s more challenging, more burdensome, more rewarding than any salary I can think of.


And dragons and princesses and leftover cheez-its meet my gaze when I look up (pretty much regardless of where I’m at in the house). Quiet confidants of yesterday’s love.


The days of childhood, and I am blessed, but cautious…


“with great power comes great responsibility.”

  • J

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