Grab a Snickers

“Unless we make it a habit to give thanks, we habitually give our family grief”

Ann Voskamp


I hate when something is my fault, unless it is a good thing, but we tend to only throw blame for the bad.


Part of the reason this year has been so messy is my fault. I’ve given my family, my husband, my parents, a lot of grief in the form of madness.


Of exhausted irritation coupled with not eating well (think snickers commercial).

I have skewed visions of myself and unrealistic expectations and crazy food guilt, thrown into an emotional roller coaster of a year. Of a life .

Part of living a life of faith is believing I am a daughter of God, dearly beloved and that my body is His dwelling place; an earthly vessel, an earthly temple to carry His love around.

I criticize His craftsmanship a lot, I’m not happy with His home hardly ever. It can’t be pleasing to His ears or heart. And it certainly isn’t beneficial for any of my relationships. Yet it’s a continual struggle that creeps in me… being unhappy with myself and taking it out on others. Those closest, who can handle it.

But I’m accepting the blame, and choosing joy, choosing the snickers.

Choosing to be the happy mom over the uber fit mom, and even the confession scares me.

It will be a daily struggle, the perspective is key, their smiles motivation.



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