Shattering Blazes

St. Augustine

“You have called to me, and have cried out, and have shattered my deafness.  You have blazed forth with light, and have shone upon me, and you have put my blindness to flight.” – St. Augustine.

I’m reading Confession of St. Augustine.  And I’ll admit, at times it feels more tedious than insightful.

BUT then I come across a gem like this that keeps me going.

The passion that St. Augustine uses to describe his relationship with God is almost palpable.

When you actively seek God, you find that he has been seeking you all along.  God has been calling to me, He cries to my heart, He shines His light upon me.

When you know God (as opposed to knowing of Him), your world does change.  It shifts on its axis enough o where you do see things more clearly.  you can hear God’s silent whisper – the silent still of His will CAN shatter your deafness and open your blind eyes to see.

This is the mighty God we serve.

This is the mighty God who loves us and wants us.

This is the mighty God who uses His strength to call our souls gently to seek Him.

If we will build this relationship and continue to seek Him, we will find we can never have enough.

“I hunger and thirst for you.  You have touched me and I burn for your peace.”



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