Fear Not

“I have loved you” says the Lord. Malachi 1:2

and this is the beginning and the end and the essence of who I am.


These past few days, this past month, this past year, there’s been a lot of people fearful.


Some obvious, some wrapped in political hype, some selfish, some perfectly valid.


fearThis world is running rampant with evil and its highly publicized, unpredictable, and deadly.


Fear isn’t stupid, it is probably somewhat smart.


Fear is never holy, fear is never worth it.


Worth lives.


And my head repeats this simple truth, “God did not give us a spirit of fear…”


And so Biblical logic would suggest that any hesitation or argument stemmed in fear or layered in fear is from Satan. A direct ploy to pull us away from God’s will, further from Him.


Because God isn’t afraid and certainly doesn’t hesitate to help others, and does not give us a spirit of fear.


He doesn’t promise easy circumstances or that we’ll get out un-phased…He will sleep in the den of lions with us though; He will join us in a furnace.


With all the turmoil in the world I’ve been completely unafraid, I realize that’s illogical, but my faith holds higher ground. And these simply truths ring on repeat:


  1. you are loved
  2. love your neighbor
  3. love your enemy
  4. God did not give us the spirit of fear


And these points can’t be misinterpreted. And the results for me have been nothing but peace in a world where evil is fully publicized. And the results for me have been to act in love, err on the side of love, and God will take care of everything else.



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