Be Like Water

like water“Be like water….when people are stressed they want to walk beside a still pond”

Ok, that’s paraphrasing, from an old Oprah magazine I no longer have and cannot cite properly.

“Be still and know that I am God” psalm 68:2

That’s the Bible.

“Peace is a state of mind, not circumstance”

That’s a summary of one hundred magnets and signs I’ve seen over the years.

Apparently slowing down helps.

As one who’s life is stressful. One who is bold, exciteable and fearless….and cowarding.

I wish I could schedule in quiet time, make appointments to literally soothe my wandering heart. I used to every morning…but the mornings are getting earlier and earlier, and some days I can talk myself out of bed at 3:30am to beat them.

But I have two littles, scheduling anything is not guaranteed.

So maybe I need to grasp real hard that, spontaneous calm can prevent spontaneous calamities.

And I’m afraid I’m on the edge of calamity, so I need to really cling to the calm. Force it when its not natural.

To be still, not rash.

To trust in my God and my ability to close my mouth is  slow – so I need to ask him to.

And to surround myself with people like water, deep and refreshing and pure.

With the ability to create coffee.

  • J

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