Mermaids and Miracles

1898042_10107966926093064_7618994537071331732_nLast week, I was blessed enough to go on an adventure with my nephew Nici to Omaha – just the two of us.  I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed this.

As usual, he taught me a lot and had me reflecting on what an amazing God we serve.

One of the things he was most looking forward to was swimming in the “big pool,” which was actually pretty modest.  However, it did not disappoint.

Our first night, he was amazed when we made it down to the big pool.  Imagine our surprise when we found a mermaid swimming there!

…okay, it was really an early teen with a mermaid tail, but that didn’t matter!  To a 2 year old, it was magical!

10392296_10107962848943704_8969936127370435175_nEvery time she went under water and flipped her tail fin, he would grab my face with both hands, bring our faces close together, and with eyes wide with amazements ask excitedly, “TiTi, did you see that?  Did you SEE that?”

And yes every single time the excitement was so great that he had to ask twice in rapid succession…and every time I enjoyed it as much as the last.

His excitement was contagious.  His amazement at this miracle of seeing a mermaid in real life.

Since then, I can’t help but think about why I/we don’t respond that way every time we see God’s hand, His daily presence and miracles in our lives.  We should be standing on the mountaintop shouting, “Did you see that?  Did you SEE what God just did???!!!”

Couldn’t/wouldn’t this be contagious?  How powerful might that be for non-beievers if all around them people were pointing out all the ways God is at work in our lives with uncontainable excitement.

After all, mermaids are pretty awesome, but our God is even more amazing and present every day.  Working miracles all around us, waiting for us to ask others, “Did you SEE that?”

  • Shauna

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