photo.PNGWhen transitions strike and I have less control than even before I either eat less or physically rearrange my house. A small stab at feeling like I have control over my greater environment.

We are moving today.  So, the house is utter chaos – rearrange and pretend control, futile.

And the growing babe demands I eat, and often, and preferably avocados.

So I’m trying hard to focus on my attitude (the one thing I can control, theoretically) and what I put out into the world.

My nici bear is sensitive to change. Emotional turmoil easily activated and his home disassembled has his 2 yr old mind and body on edge.

I am his safe net and strong hold. What I emotionally put in his world matters immensely.

As someone prone to overreacting and wearing all my feelings on my sleeve, this requires a lot of faith work. A lot of asking God to be my firm footing, so that I can be Nici’s. To cover my mouth, so that comfort comes out not confusion.

To open my eyes to the innumerable blessings compounding in the chaos each day.

And also choosing to ask “how can I bring my best to God, today.”

Not my tired, not my worn out, not just my pleas for help, but my personal best, because He deserves it.

And once again, I think it comes down to attitude (and opportunity).

Trying hard to not miss an opportunity to show his love. To be open and willing to all his little nudges even when it’s inconvenient.

To having an attitude of grace and humility. Slowing myself to serve others. Repeatedly. Because that is how I serve my God.

And being pleased with what I’m given sleepless nights and all.

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