O Sing My Fiery Soul

While I want to burn for God, that isn’t the blessing, the gift I’m most thankful for in this moment of unknown.


God made me innately fiery.  It is wrapped up in compassion and a natural tendency towards diplomacy, but the depth and passion I feel about things is undeniably fiery.


What God has given me lately is peace and calmness, not just in presentation or the outside ~ but to the depth of my soul.


The Juggler’s Hour by Judith Clay

Normally, this would be a season of stress and anxiety.  Virtually my entire life is made up of balls in the air, with no idea of where they will fall.


Yet, I sit here, calmly, waiting to see God will direct their paths instead of stressing about how I can bring them safely to the ground.  This is so unlike me, so unlike my anxiety prone nature.  It truly is a gift in this seasons of tumultuousness.  


I know God uses both of these seemingly opposite sides together.  He will use my peaceful interior to give space to an all encompassing fire.
I can’t wait to see where it catches!



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