I am a Leper

I love the movies…getting lost in a dark theatre and a good film.  So, I was lucky to be able to go with my mom this weekend to see Risen, which is about Christ’s resurrection through the perspective of a non-believing Roman soldier, Clavius.  (I would highly recommend this film.)

There was one scene that  really connected with me.

Towards the end of the movie, after Jesus has risen, Clavius is with the disciples in Galilee. Clavius asks the disciple (I can’t remember which) if the disciple really had believed that Jesus would rise again.

The disciple replied honestly that he had had his doubts, which prompts Clavius to ask him why he had even followed Jesus then.  At this point, a scene unfolds of Jesus healing a leper.

The disciple responds that this is why.  I interpreted this as it was the miracles that led this disciple to follow Christ.

While I have seen God’s hand, I couldn’t help thinking that this isn’t why I follow(ed) Christ.

Mine is still the leper scene, but for a different reason:

When Jesus walks to the leper, who has just been beaten, shooed out, completely rejected by the people, Jesus goes and kneels by him.

Not just BY him, though.

RIGHT next to Him.  Completely within his personal space.  Jesus basically envelops him.  Completely wrapping himself around the leper.

He cradles and strokes his face.  He holds him tight.

Then, Jesus tells the leper to go if he believes.

This is it.  This is why I follow Christ.  I am the leper.

It is not in the miracle or the healing.

It is in the intimacy and comfort of the loving arms of my savior who sees me, the diseased and broken leper.

He sees my need for Him, but also sees me as worthy (though not deserving) of salvation.

He sees my need for purpose as He tells me to go in faith.

I follow Christ because I am a leper in desperate need of His loving arms enveloping my broken soul.

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