At Every Stage and Every Hour

I recently read a devotional about using my God given gifts and talents to serve the community and church.

Truth be told, I’m not doing this at all.

I’m using them to raise two perfect little wild childs. But outside the home, not so much.

In this time of littles my mission field is simple: fellow mommas, more littles.

But Gods seemed to surround me with difficult mommas. All in various ways. Some pushy, some know it alls, some so needy it hurts, some apparently needing nothing, some too busy to return a text.

And I’m by no means innocent of all or any of these qualities. Being a momma is hard. At every stage and every hour.

I need to extend more grace and fill more gaps. Be a breathe of fresh air even when I’m feeling winded.

I’m not my own air supply after all. And while taking care of myself is important, it’s not as important as helping others, even if those others are other mommas.

It’s a weird season I’m in. In between houses, in between churches. In between friends if truth be told.

Yet my words for 2015 year were show love. It all comes back to love for me.


I could write on. Have a few good one liners, but I’ll end here and pull out my stationary and write some letters instead; to some mommas who could use some fresh air.

Or at the very least a snail mail pick me up!

  • J

2 thoughts on “At Every Stage and Every Hour

  1. Sounds like you are totally serving your community and church! No one can reach a momma in a community more than another momma. As you reach out to them you’ll see lives changed and the church will grow. So keep using those skills that God has given you, write a few more letters, smile a few more smiles and keep sending those texts whether you get a reply or not!


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