Just Breathe

I am feeling overwhelmed.

Lord, I know you are in control.  You see and manage all the variable if we let you.

It is when we try to take charge and make sense that tension builds, stress rises, and (sometimes unknowingly) we shut you out.

We absorb the space we should be giving You to do Your work in our lives. – instead filling with stress and worry.

I refuse.

d317f12ee48146f03e4d5f8edd19e125For every breath I take, I am consciously breathing in your grace and power as I exhale stress, worry, and my own sad attempts for control.

Breathe in Your power.  Breathe out clutches for control.

I relinquish it all…

…to You

…my Protector

…my Father

…my Savior

I relinquish control to the One who knows and loves me best.

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