Prepare for Action

Get up and prepare for action and do not be afraid of them. Jeremiah 1:17

I see a lot of social media slamming Christians for their “thoughts and prayers” and I can’t say I blame them.


While I do think prayer changes things, I also firmly believe we are called to so much more than just prayer.


Jesus was our human, our living breathing example of Christ on earth and he did a heck of a lot more than pray.


Yes, he took to rest and prayer and recharge himself. But he was also radical and scary to the church and those who called themselves godly.


He yelled, he got passionate, he flipped tables, and raised people from the dead.

prepare for action

Yes, he was a man of great prayer, but he was also a man of great action; bold actions.


I think that’s partially why I love him. He can relate to my wild child energy and table flipping rage. He felt it. And it was no easier for him to face the fire, he was fleshy too.


My thoughts and prayers do go out for the world when tragedy strikes. But so do my words and my actions. God uses people, ordinary people, to change the world.


We never know who is hurting, who is at the brink of collapsing, or going crazy.


I do know a whole lot of change can happen when we each choose to err on the side of love, of grace, of compassion that makes no earthly sense.


And yes we may get hurt, but “if so, He is still good.”


So I’m getting up, and equipping myself for action. For a life of small daily efforts to help someone, even if its minuscule.


And oddly enough I’m not afraid, not even a little bit despite the fact I should be.


At the end of the day I know good triumphs evil, and this world, although I desperately love people in it, it is not my final destination.

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