Through Her Eyes

12540822_10107749970154504_4449193873919404720_nAinslee has these big bright eyes, that are definitely turning browner every day, but right now, you can still see the specks of green and gold.  I love those eyes.  

And, every once in awhile, she catches me totally off guard with them.  Sometimes, I find her just staring at my face when I’m holding her.  When I make eye contact at these times, she doesn’t turn away, but seems to be studying my soul as she gazes deeply into my eyes reflecting the green in hers.


I can’t help, but wondering at the woman she perceives.  I hope she sees the woman I try to be (and sometimes fail to be).  


I hope she sees how much I cherish and love her – the oceans I would cross for her (and her brother).


I hope she sees a woman chasing God, grace, and compassion.


I hope she sees love, hope, and faith.


e9dc8c309754aeee1d6b63c8359e87e2I hope she sees safety and joy.


In these moment, I hope we can always take time to just stare into the depths of each others’ souls as we both grow older and closer.  In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy being the TiTi she needs and wants (most of the time), loving her to pieces every step of the way.

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