They Come First

“ Really good mothers make the tough choices…and they don’t look back. Being a strong mother means having a backbone of steal and resolving to always do what is best for your kids. And there is never anything easy about that, because many folks around you, including family and friends, will tell you you’re crazy”


They’ll tell you you’ll burn out, you’ll lose yourself, you must take care of YOU first.


But they are wrong.


they come firstI chose to create two little, very dependent lives. I MUST take care of them first. I want to take care of them first. If the whole world comes crashing down they will laugh under the blanket of my body.


Knowing they’re safe and loved and mom is with them and for them. And they will watch the world rain down unafraid.


That is my job; that is my blessing.


I get to love them so hard, in a world so hard. I get to teach them sacrifice and beauty in the ashes and in the glory.


And I get to do it first. Not after my “me time” not after my workout, not after my coffee. They come first. And they run me ragged. And they are my new perspective. And they fill me up, my blessings I’m trying to raise up.


They are growing me up, they are lifting me up, and they come first, always.


I’ll come second, I’ll come third. And some days that’s hard, but I still choose it, I won’t change it.


In a thousand worlds, in a thousand ways, I pray they know my love and take for granted my sacrifices. And learn to seek the beauty in the ashes and rain and find the glory hidden and bold.

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