An Ode to the Mommas

A mother’s love is impossible. You learn an entirely new dimension to love when you become a mother.

Each time a baby is born, a mother is born, because you’re a mother brand new. There is no such thing as a seasoned mom, or one that’s seen it all. Each moment is fresh with each child.

Each child has a different mom, because each child requires it.

So, all those articles for “first time” moms are crap. Unless you read them as intently with the second, third, fourth…but my personal preference is not at all. Nothing can prepare you, and trying to follow the guidelines is for someone with less passionate children than me.

We spend our entire lives, our very existence, and all the moments in between being a mom and trying to figure out how to be the best mom our child needs. How to build them up and love them hard and prepare them for this crazy world ride.

We err, we faulter too often. But we err in love. Always in love. Always with their very best at heart.

But no matter what they grow up. And then, they get decide. And err. And faulter.

And some yell early, and late, always feel it too hard. Some rebel in loud, obvious ways pushing to be an adult too soon.

And some mess up early and walk gentle and stubbornly move mountains in supposed solitude with an army within.

And some feel darkly and deeply and let anger penetrate too long. And some crave love and acceptance to the point of idiocy.

And some are still little and give literal smacking kisses and floor you with their smiles and favor of the rice Krispy treats.

Being a mom is an impossible blessing…for they grow up. And all too fast.

They get to mess up all too big, too soon. But if you’ve done it right, they err on the side of love.

So sleep peaceful weary mommas, knowing you’ve done your best, and it was right and it was enough.

You’ve taught them to err on the side of love. And that’s not bad.

Because at the end of the day Supreme Love conquers all, and a heart ready for love is a heart ready for Him.

And these three remain: Faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.  1 Corinthians 13:13

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