An Ark without Rain

Let me start with a question,  would Noah have been less right had it NOT rained?

I just finished Choose Joy (now available on Amazon), which is about Choosing Joy in all moments and contexts –  recognizing God’s power in and purpose in every situation.  It presents an interesting reflection on Noah that I wanted to share

The answer to that question?  No!  He would have been just as right.

“It’s about saying yes [to God] without the guarantee that anything will work out in our favor.”  from Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

In our culture and today’s common Christianity, we hold the belief that if we believe in God and trust Him, everything will turn out right for us in this world.  We are never guaranteed that.  Ever.  Nowhere in the Bible.  Ultimately, we will win when we join our savior.  But, in this life and this world, nope.

Our burning in the belly, follow God every step of the way faith, means saying yes to all the ways he can use you with the knowledge and acceptance that it may not benefit you, it may harm you (in the worldly terms), it may be difficult, and you may not see the fruits of your labor.


Hollie Chastain

So, would Noah have been less right if it had not rained?  No, he would have been just as right because he obeyed the commands God gave him.  


After all, while we may work to prepare an ark God commands of us, “we don’t all live to see the rain.” (Choose Joy)



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