Candy Canes and Jingle Bells

The holiday season is no longer approaching, it is here.


And my heart is happy and my plate is full and my cup is overflowing and I’m giving thanks.


And its not all sunshine and roses and candy canes and jingle bells.


Chris and I fought this morning, and afternoon. He is still away at work. I had the flu yesterday. Sis spits up torrential amounts. Daily. And cries for only me (endearing only in theory). My back hurts, from carrying these blessings. Nici doesn’t sleep (maybe he never will). He threw a fit (just now) over the wrong juice cup, I have no clue which is the “right” cup, nd is now crying because I wont let him eat an apple out of the garbage.


Its not all daffodils and cornucopias, but it is all glory and my cup overflows and I give thanks.


For cuddles and kisses and sorry mama, sorry.


i give thanksFor a husband worth fighting for and with. And a job that pays even if it is far away.


I give thanks for this crazy chaotic life I get to call mine, and I do it loudly, lest I forget.


I give thanks for a God who isn’t passive, who directs my paths and teaches me and calms me.


Life isn’t perfect or even remotely easy and the holidays are anything, but stress free. Life is good though and we have too much to celebrate and the seasons smell too good to be bogged down.


I give thanks for my savior and his daily redeeming grace.

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