Does God’s purpose for our lives change at different times?  Do we have one singular purpose or does this morph as we evolve?

“I trusted that He saw the bigger picture, and I stepped forward in faith by living the life that was in front of me.  I stepped forward, knowing that whatever He wanted from me now, He would make sure I had the figts to use in that moment.”from Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

Our gifts, abilities, talents, abundances changed throughout life.  So, it makes sense that the way God uses us would also change.  He will always use us and always has a purpose, but maybe these shift?

I’ve always thought of God’s purpose for me as a concrete concept.  I am designed to do X.  This doesn’t really make sense, though, the more I think about it.  As I change and grow, my contexts change, it makes sense that God would and could use me in different ways.

My self-worth is so wrapped up in how I think/believe God is using me, wants to use me, could use me.  So, this is such a relieving truth to fall upon.  

He is using me right now in ways I see and don’t see; in ways and places I like and don’t always like.  

godisworkingonyourprayersI can still hope He may use me in some of the different ways that I hope for …later.  Just because it isn’t happening now, doesn’t mean it never will.  Maybe I’m not ready. Maybe the opportunities are still being prepared for me. (And maybe He will reveal that my desires in ways to serve are not the ways that He can use me best.)
Either way, He knows best and I will continue to pray for His will, and the wisdom to recognize it and peace to live with it.

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