Messy Life, Fully Heart

I have a lot of deep blogs about hard things. I do think life is hard. And it changes everytime I get a grip.

And I do want more sleep.

imageBut I sat there rocking- with one babe falling asleep to a bottle while one snuggled in beside.

And I sit here watching How to Train Your Dragon. For the 5000th time. And I have nothing but happiness.

My life is messy, but my heart is full.

And today will have hard moments. And tonight may be borderline painful.

But I will treasure this moment.

“It’s amazing that when you look at what you have, instead of what you won’t or don’t have, you usually see that in one form or another you’ve gotten what you wished for” from Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

I’ve definitely gotten what I wished for. And I’m so glad I wished for them!

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