A New Prayer

I don’t know about you, but I get really caught up in what I need/want to do.

My life could be so much easier if God could just bless me with a little more money to pay off a little more college debt (since there is still a lot of it).  

My life could be so much easier if God would fix some of the things that cause repeated tension in my life.  

My life could be so much better if God could speak plainly as to the path He wants  me to follow.  

My life could be so much better if that perfect job that fits every part of my faith, professional, and financial passions just landed in my lap.

There are times I pray for these exact things.  There are times I pray these exact (or at least really similar) things for others.  

Praying Girl by Roberto Ferruzzi

I was really struck with how different these prayers are from this prayer I read in Hebrews this morning.   

“May God give you every good thing you need so you can do what He wants.” Hebrews 13:21a

Notice it doesn’t say may God bless you abundantly.  Give you everything your heart desires.  Make it easy for you to work for Him.

NO…but may He give you exactly and just what you need to do what HE wants.  

It’s easy to get caught up in the argument, I can do this work for God when I… But usually the parameters we set on these types of arguments are based on what we think we need to do what we want do for HIm.  I know I’ve done work for God before based on what/how I’ve wanted to do it.  What if we let this go?

What if instead we ask God to just give us what we need to do the work HE wants for us to do?  That can be scary and powerful.  I’m guessing we actually need a lot less than we think we do.  

It also means being still and listening to those little nudges – since I haven’t come across any burning bushes lately.

Going into 2016, I want to try to narrow my focus.  What is it God wants me to do?  What do I actually need to do it?  
“I choose to trust that God is going to provide me with what is required of me when it is required…Not before.  Not after…But during.” from Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

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