Faithful in the Ashes

I’m not in a particular season of suffering right now.  Sure, I have the stress, difficulty,  and uncertainty that is life, but that is not suffering.  I’ve had seasons of suffering, this is not one of them.  However, I couldn’t help but love this verse for all that it is – paired together.  

“So, if God wants you to suffer, give yourself to him.  He will do what is right for you.  He made you and He is faithful”.  1 Peter 4:18

If I was in a season of suffering, I may want to focus on the first part, but right now I love how this verse paired suffering with God’s faithfulness.  I love how this verse reminds us that good is not always right for us.  If everything was always rainbows and sunshine, we would never grow.  We wouldn’t have to lean harder into God.

God knows us like no one else – better than we know ourselves.

Print by Emily Pullen

And  He is faithful – in every single circumstance, in every single situation.  

He made me and is faithful – even when I don’t understand.

“…it’s not our job to know.  It’s God’s.  It’s just our job to trust – whether we see it or not – that he brings beauty from the ashes.”  from Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

What does God’s faithfulness look like?  It doesn’t look like the absence of suffering, but his presence through the mountains AND the valleys.  

It looks like the quiet moments, the nudges on my soul.

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