Foggy Nights

foggy nights“foggy nights produce deeper faith…usually the doubt comes soon after a deeply meaningful time when I feel Gods presence and see clearly His
purpose for me. It is then that my faith is tested”


I want a clear vision for the next year. 2015 has been a dense, uncomfortable fog.


I’ve always thought Hebrew 11:1 was beautiful; “now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”


Beautiful, but never applied, because my faith is solid.


Notice it doesn’t say you will have a plan and it will all work out and you can micro manage to your heart’s content and be happy..


Faith is assurance in what we do not see, or understand, or have a plan for.


I struggle between living in the moment and planning for a more peaceful future (who can blame me after the doozy 2015 has been).


I know theoretically if I focus on God in the moments, a more peaceful future is a natural by product, but oh it is hard. When every new dawn whispers me closer to the eye of a storm, how do I release this ship, my home?




Foggy nights, stormy nights produce deeper faith.


I’m getting deep guys, and the devil is on for the ride.



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