Life as I Imagined

“It’s not the life I imagined for myself, but it’s the life I’ve been blessed with and I won’t take a moment of it for granted.” in Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

I came across a list the other day of everything I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 30.  The time frame from that list is quickly counting down.  However, I found it really amazing how much my priorities had changed since high school.  My list then wasn’t bad or even silly, but it is so different from my current list.  God really has shifted my desires in pretty major ways.  Here are some of them:

  1. Own a home (or at least a nice apartment/condo)
    • I currently live with my tribe of Chris, Jessi, Nici, and Ainslee in their house.  I have not owned a home and will not own one anytime soon11903934_10107202311771294_2004765272783707143_n
  2. Be married with kids.  (Okay I combined these two they were actually two separate goals.)
    • Much to many of my family member’s chagrin, I realized several years ago that God has called me to singlehood, which means not having children of my own.
  3. Have a college degree.
    • Hey, I am a success!  I did get this one (and a masters to boot)!
  4. Have a good job that I enjoy.
    • Again, pretty good.  I do enjoy it (at least most days).

Now, let me share my new list to accomplish/continue to work on by the time I am 30, which is really only about 15 months from now:

  1. Show love and compassion to all I encounter.
    • I want everyone to see my Jesus through my compassion to them.  I want my actions to live louder than my words.
  2. Treasure and value my family
    • They are incredibly important and I want them to continue to be so.
    • I particularly want to spoil any nieces and nephews like crazy.  I LOVE being an aunt!
  3. Get healthier
    • I believe this is a process and it is one I am working on.
    • A truth that was kind of hard for me to swallow was that part of not taking things for granted is taking care of my body better so that I am around to enjoy them longer!
  4. Be fiscally responsible, ethical, and generous.
    • This is a lot in one.  But, I’m working to pay off all my student loans (and it looks like a massive boulder at times), spend my money in ways promote ethical business and trade practices, and save in order to give.
  5. Listen and Go
    • This is the big one and the main one.  I want to listen to God’s voice telling me when to stay, when to go, and when to just explore.  I want to live completely for him and risk everything for Him – easier said than done.

Bottom line, God knows better than I.  The life He has given me and is unfolding for me is so much more than the life I had planned for myself.  I can’t wait to see my new list ten years from now!

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