Bags are Heavy

“I surrender all that I have carried in my own strength” Lisa Bevere


You can’t press on, excited for what lies ahead, while dragging three tons of emotional baggage.

I know; I’ve been trying.

I’ve been relying on God and praying and meditating over his word. More so than ever before; and yet, I have yet to surrender it all.


I’ve never said, “here ya go God, and good luck cause it’s messy. You do the work I’ll show the love”


Don’t get me wrong I try to be kind and act out of love every day. In the midst of this messy 2015 season, my actions sometimes turn hollow and bitter. Still kind, but not out of love


bags are heavyThe baggage was/is too heavy to walk in grace on my own.


I needed a new grip, with God’s hand first.


I am simply not strong enough; I’m ready to move forward in joy, to find my actions strong and rooted in love not bitterness.


I need help. I’m surrendering it all to God (and seeking professional counseling help). While praying “anything Lord, take my life and do what you want”


There’s no shame in needing help, in working towards the ability to love better.


I must let go of past hurt to give better yeses.



One thought on “Bags are Heavy

  1. When I first saw your post show up in my email I thought it said “Bugs are Heavy” LOL. I thought of Ainslee and how heavy those precious little babies become! But bags are heavy too. Love you my sweet girls.


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